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We are a FREE service to you (we are contracted by those seeking providers who pay our fees).  We know first-hand what it is like to finish training and look for your first position.  We also know what it's like to resign a position and have to deal with tail, non-competes, termination clauses... Our President was married to a provider just like you (or your  spouse) and understand there is a lot more to finding a position besides matching a job to a specialty.  Things that matter might include:

  • Practice itself

  • Reputation of the group, hospital

  • Call

  • Benefits, including tail coverage

  • Community Amenities

  • Children's Activity and availability

  • Schools

  • Religious options

  • Major Airport Access

  • Databank history

  • Visas

We want to have a conversation with you to learn about you, and what is important to you.  If a spouse or significant other is in the picture, we appreciate speaking with them also.  Relocation has to meet the needs of you, the provider - but also the needs of others in your family are key to YOUR success and happiness.  Whomever hires you wants you to remain the rest of your career, if possible.  We try to be thorough to make that happen.

How We Help

  • Research Openings

  • Research Communities

    • Email links to help assess the community

    • Find distances to other metros

  • Coordinate phone, on-site interviews​

  • Help you understand the terms of your offer (contract)

  • Help you negotiate your offer to mutually agreeable terms

  • Help with resignation and transition to new community

Our goal is to be thorough, available, yet not at all pushy

Submit your application form and CV to begin your job search today!

Save time by clicking the Application Form buttor, and send with your CV to Once submitted, one of our consultants will contact you to advance with the process.

Or, simply fill out the following form

Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch soon. If you wish, please call 910-228-8000 anytime.

OB Recruiter

"Jobs 4 Med is not just another placement firm.  The staff provides highly personal services, and they strive to understand your professional needs.  They have continued to be an invaluable professional resource in the three years since they successfully found the right placement for me."

Agnes Ortega, MD. 

Midwife Recruiter, CNM Placement

" I felt that very early in the process you built up a knowledge base of my personal, financial, and professional needs that allowed you to help me make the critical decisions that led to my starting a solo practice.  I felt that you have acted as a friend and a confidante in assisting me with very difficult choices.  I feel that I was handled in a personal and professional way that was unbiased.  Thank you very much."

Norm Navarro, MD, FACOG. 


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