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Physician Recruiting and Placement
Healthcare Staffing Agency

Whatever you're looking for, we'll find it.

We have been consulting in the healthcare sector since 1995.  Firm initially started when president's spouse finished residency.  A common experience was to hear what recruiters thought we wanted to hear - and sometimes it was totally fictitious fabrications.

We offer a thorough, straightforward, candid experience from start to finish, for those seeking to hire a new colleague, or for those looking for a new practice / community to join.  We strive for long-term, successful matches not only for specialty, but community match for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and their families.

Custom Detailed Searches for the Healthcare Industry

Specialties We Focus On
  • OBGYN and Subspecialty Recruitment

  • Primary Care Staffing

  • Gastroenterology Recruiting

  • Urology Placement

  • Surgery and Subspecialty Recruiting

  • Orthopedics Placement

  • We can source other specialties as needed

How We Work

We have a database with over 2000 practice openings at any one time, and multiple sites on which we advertise.  Given our experience, reputation, and success we have national agreements with most major health systems in the US.

We tend to focus our efforts on the South, Southeast, Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic, however we do have  strategic partnerships with hospitals and colleagues nationwide.

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